Ascent Solutions Enables Organizations to Rapidly Realize the Power of Microsoft Azure Sentinel and Active Defense

Ascent Solutions LLC today announced it is working with Microsoft to help organizations solve their security operation challenges with Microsoft Azure Sentinel. As a global security partner, Ascent Solutions offers consulting services to help organizations experience Azure Sentinel and how it will rapidly arm their security operations teams to the fight against the enemy and actively defend their environment.

With the Azure Sentinel POC Service Offering, organizations can quickly experience how Microsoft and Azure Sentinel can transform their security strategy to defend against threats. Organizations are able to quickly implement Azure Sentinel within their environment and get hands on with all of Azure Sentinel’s SIEM and SOAR capabilities such as custom alerting, automation, and threat hunting. The offering also provides advisory services to help organizations refine and optimize their security monitoring and incident response processes. With a team of former military cybersecurity warriors, Ascent combines military tactics, techniques, and procedures to enhance security operations teams ability to detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats.

The Azure Sentinel POC Service Offering provides the following key benefits:

  • Accelerated Deployment and Integration – Rapidly deploy Azure Sentinel and integrate Microsoft and 3rd party data sources for data collection.
  • Automation – Get firsthand experience on how Azure Sentinel automation reduces alert fatigue and focuses security analysts on the real threats.
  • Enhanced Operations – Experience the combination of Azure Sentinel threat hunting capabilities with military tactics to significantly strengthen organization’s security posture with improved security operations and processes.

“As a leader in Cybersecurity, Ascent Solutions understands the threats and challenges that all companies face in today’s modern world. The Microsoft Azure Sentinel POC Service Offering is specifically designed to help companies by implementing this revolutionary SIEM and SOAR solution from an industry leader, Microsoft. Ascent’s collaboration with Microsoft and commitment to the business community is what makes this such a great opportunity to help organization transform how they do security,” said Howard Friedman, Vice President, Strategic Alliances, Ascent Solutions.

Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President, Cybersecurity Security Solutions Group, Microsoft Corp. said, “Microsoft is making the promise of AI and automation in security a reality with unique innovations like Microsoft Azure Sentinel. Together with Ascent Solutions, we help empower today’s security teams to stay ahead of the threats that worry them most; insider risk, attacks targeting endpoints and data loss.”

About Ascent Solutions

Ascent Solutions LLC is a leading professional services firm that empowers businesses through a better use of technology. Across four service lines comprised of Cybersecurity, Productivity, Innovation and Managed Services, Ascent delivers comprehensive and innovative solutions to solve organizations’ most complex and challenging problems. As a strategic partner, Ascent works to develop, implement and integrate new technologies with cybersecurity woven throughout the process.

In an era of ever-escalating security threats and updates, cybersecurity must continue to be at the forefront of business and enterprise operations. Ascent Solutions is consistently recognized as a leader in the field, ensuring security and peace of mind for their clients.

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