How We Help

We quickly solve your technology-related business challenges, driven by a passion for your business and empathy for your unique goals.

We will help you Get Current, Stay Current, and leverage modern technology and techniques to Transform & Evolve – all with a backbone of cybersecurity to Be Secure throughout.

Get Current

Technology debt is a very real – and expensive – problem. The cost of maintaining outdated hardware and software, ineffective processes, and obsolete security isn’t just expensive – it can be downright dangerous. Modernization is a security solution by itself.

Ascent Solutions will shepherd your business to technology safety. We’ll help you understand your current state, define your future state, and avoid pitfalls along the way. The end result is not only peace of mind, but added value to your business.


While built on fundamental best practices, Ascent Solutions’ workshops aren’t like other workshops. Our programs have been refined through years of experience working with companies of all sizes, across all industries. During a workshop, we dive deep to quickly learn about your environment. Then we leverage our subject matter experts, industry giants, and efficient methodology – alongside your company’s expertise – to create a customized plan for achieving your optimal solution. 

Cloud Productivity Migration

Moving to Modern Workplace with Microsoft Office 365 enables employees to communicate, share information, and collaborate across multiple devices. Ascent Solutions provides expert planning and implementation for migrations of all shapes and sizes to get from archaic on-premise technology to agile cloud solutions. When we move your users and content to Microsoft Office 365, you’ll reap the benefits of modern technology, increased productivity and rock-solid team alignment.

Adoption and Change Management

Getting Current means getting familiar with new technology and new processes. Ascent Solutions brings leading edge approaches to Adoption and Change Management. We drive exceptional user satisfaction that leads to greater productivity – both for your business and your IT team. In addition, we will help reframe your technology teams to move from managing on-premise software to cloud Software-as-a-Service.

Stay Current

The world moves too fast for IT to be managed in linear, sequential phases – the waterfall method no longer applies. In order to succeed, you need to stay current with a secure technology management methodology that keeps up with business.

Flexible, Agile Methodologies

As business environments rapidly evolve, the speed and agility of technology implementation needs to evolve with it. That’s why our team of experts leverage modern project methodologies like Agile – even in infrastructure management. It enables faster adoptions, the ability to adjust on the fly, and keeps companies aligned with swift business changes happening in their industry.

Professional Security

Threats evolve every day, and threat actors use the latest technology to exploit their victims. Modernization and responsive threat techniques are the best defense against a persistent enemy. Our security experts rely on up-to-date industry best practices and advanced methodologies to strengthen your security posture to keep your business and your team safe.

Organizational Change Consulting

User adoption matters, and an IT organization ready to match the speed of change is at the core of modernization. Our change experts have the necessary skills and required know-how to lead organizations and people through change and managing new technology.

Transform & Evolve

Tomorrow’s companies will use cloud technology in ways that are unimaginable today, especially while competitors are held back by on-premise technology. You’ve heard the news for years: “Cloud computing is the future.” But how do you know where to start?

Wherever you are in the cloud maturity curve, Ascent Solutions will take your infrastructure to the next level. From start to finish, our strategies are built with your best interests at heart. Whether you’re starting from scratch, optimizing across vendors, or perfecting an existing setup, cloud services will transform your business.

Transform App & Infrastructure

The power of creativity is unleashed by millions of people around the world who are untied to legacy systems. To keep up, you need to move your systems from constrained on-premise to the untethered, expansive toolset of the cloud. Once you’re working with no delays, you’ll be able to react to constant evolution at the speed of business.

Evolve with Data & AI

The power of data can only truly be unleashed with the flexibility of cloud technologies. From predictive analytics to trend identification across billions of interactions, we’ll help you leverage data without limitations. With the right tools for your team in place, data will take your business to places unimaginable today.


There’s no shortage of horror stories emerging from the cloud. In order to securely evolve, the world’s top companies integrate security into the entire development process – from inception through testing and QA, all the way into production support. Ascent Solutions’ leading Security, Development and Organizational Change teams will move security integration from an afterthought into Agile SecDevOps.

Be Secure

Security is not only the most challenging area of IT — it’s also the most dangerous. New threats emerge daily, and a lack of preparation could crumble your business in an instant.

Ascent Solutions’ risk-based defense strategy aligns your priorities with the right technology, processes, and route map to make your business secure today. And because cybersecurity is at the heart of everything we do, we will ensure its safety into the future.

Risk-Based Security Strategy

In order to protect your business, you need a practical and realistic approach to security. A risk-based security strategy aligns security goals to your business and makes the most of limited resources in order to protect your organization’s most valuable assets.

Rapid Risk Assessment

Being prepared means understanding the true security risks to your organization. Ascent Solutions’ Rapid Risk Assessments will help you do just that. With our threats and vulnerability approach, or a thorough look at your compliance practices, we will identify your organization’s most critical risks and build a plan for immediate prioritization and remediation.

Future State Security Roadmap

Security transformation requires a plan, and our Future State Security Roadmap is the guide to get you there. Our recommendations will help you identify all of the possibilities available and find the appropriate plan to drive you to the most desirable result.

Incident Response & Remediation

A security incident, like a compromise or breach, needs a fast, assertive response. Quickly and confidently respond to an incident by deploying our team of experienced military cybersecurity warriors and adversarial experts. Cybersecurity Incident Response Teams can be onsite within hours of a threat to contain, mitigate, and remediate active cybersecurity attacks.

Cy:lent Pursuit Threat Hunting

The best defense is a good offense. We’ll transform your security strategy with active defense tactics and techniques. Cy:lent Pursuit empowers your organization to identify advisories within your environment by patrolling for threat intelligence, indicators of compromise, and active attacks.