MSInspire 2018 – 1-Month Later

It was just a little over 1 month ago that Microsoft hosted their massive partner conference, MSInspire. For the first time in recent memory, it also overlapped with their global (internal) sales conference, MSReady. This was a great opportunity for partners, such as Ascent, to not only hear the content directed to partners, but also directed to their field sellers. After a month, I thought I’d reflect on what I saw and heard, and what I am seeing as the conference concepts are put into action. 

What I saw: Beyond all of the excitement, keynote speakers (which are now called CoreNotes, for some strange reason), and the activity in the partner pavilions, I saw a company that is devoted to helping customers leverage technology (theirs and their partners, obviously) and driving technology solutions via partners. Microsoft has spent the last decade moving their company and their customers from an ‘install the software’ model to a ‘consume the services’ model…i.e., the shift to cloud computing and ‘as a Service’ consumption of technology. If your business is still using old methods of computing, assume you’re going to get behind due to your inability to leverage technology to enable business initiatives at the speed your competitors can. I often liken the shift we’re seeing in technology to the old factory model of power distribution. To run a factory floor, you needed your own power supply (such as a water wheel), and immobile stations to consume that power. You also needed staff to maintain your power supply, your power distribution mechanisms, the belts, etc. This was state of the art not too long ago.  

In a few years, the picture below will have the same feel. 

By Howard Friedman

VP, Strategic Alliances