MSInspire 2018 – My Top 3 Observations

  1. Windows 10 – If you’re not actively moving to Windows 10 you are likely to find yourself in a bind in a year. Like it or not, Windows 7 is going end of life, and Microsoft is looking at partners such as Ascent to help you get there. And this is the time, while touching the endpoint, to also move your Office ProPlus to the O365 version too.  
  2. Azure AI – AI-enabling your existing systems will begin to transform customers. Taking existing systems (your back-end systems, your productivity systems, your customer facing systems) is a way to get faster wins to differentiate yourself.  
  3. Partner Focus – For the Microsoft sales field, nearly every activity in which they engage should have a partner involved. Microsoft inherently understands the limitations of scale and breadth and is investing in partners such as Ascent to empower their customers. As a customer, if you’re working with Microsoft, expect 100% of the time they’ll bring a partner in, from solution envisioning to implementation. 

By Howard Friedman

VP, Strategic Alliances