RSA 2016 Recap - Allen Brokken's Observations from the Skyport Booth

March 10, 2016 by Allen Broken, Principal Security Architect

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to help Skyport Systems demonstrate their product at the RSA conference last week. As I met with hundreds of people, there were 2 things that stood out in my week:

1) I ran into another security professional that used the health care analogy I've been using, but I had just posted the blog that day. As I see it great minds think alike. Here’s the first post of the 2-part blog series: What I liked the most as we discussed was his understanding of the analogy, how he was able to easily map the features and functionality I was talking about to his healthcare centric security model. Together, we were able to walk through the solution components I describe in the second post of the series ( and align them to the control surface he was looking for. It was a great conversation but more importantly and great validation of the vision I set out.

2) How right on Pete Fox's Frankenstein's Monster analogy was. (Here's a link to the article: ) The top question I got was “Well, I have products A, B, C and D in my environment. How will this help me reduce the number of different and competing products I currently already own and run?” I see the core message in the Windows ecosystem to exercise all the features and functionality in the platform first and only then bolt-on other capabilities when there is a real gap. In many cases, customers are running a best of breed product from a few years ago, and the platform has caught up with basic built-in functionality. Taking a serious look at what's in the box and eliminating duplicate products frees up funding to allow for the investment in high value leading edge functionality.

While there were many more conversations, after a week of reflection these were the two biggest standouts out of my time in the Skyport booth.