RSA 2016 Recap - Pete Fox Looks at Security Complexity

March 15, 2016 by Pete Fox, VP of Cyber Services

After spending the week at my first RSA Conference, it’s time to provide a perspective on what I saw and learned. First, the scale of the conference, with hundreds of vendors and over 40,000 attendees speaks volumes about the security space. The market is large and growing fast, Gartner shows double digit growth in this, one of the largest areas of software and services in the IT market. Companies are bombarded with different messages and are faced with growing complexity. Add to this the clear growing risk and threat, and companies and their security personnel are under a great deal of pressure.
As a consulting company, Ascent sees our role in this complex environment to help bring order and simplify the decisions customers have to make to get secure, stay secure and protect their assets. This role becomes even more clear and evident to us after attending RSA. We're not another player in the security space seeing nails to our unique hammer. We are our customer’s advocate in the security space, helping them rationalize and improve their security posture. We look to build partnerships with other vendors with solutions that remove complexity while lowering risk and improving security. A perfect example of this is our relationship with Skyport Systems. Their integrated hardware platform serves to reduce the number of security products a customer must own to achieve optimized security for their critical computing workloads. We spent many hours at their booth at RSAC, and we’re all gratified to see the reaction from the press and customers to this differentiated and highly valued message. 

We believe the industry needs to be challenged to simplify and reduce complexity. Let's agree that's a priority and that we're not going to settle for more point products littering our security landscape. If you're interested in less complexity and more security, reach out to me at on Twitter at @PeteFoxMN.