Our Takeaways from the Microsoft Security Partner Insider Event

Last week, two of our Cyber Architects, Jason Floyd and Josh Decker, attended an exclusive Microsoft Security Partner Insider Event in Chicago. At this event, we were provided insider insight into exciting new technology coming to the security space as well as deep training and conversation on the current versions of the product suite.

We had a number of take-aways from the event, but our Cyber Architects were most pleased to be reassured that our comprehension and implementations of the Microsoft security suite was in-line with Microsoft. Our Cyber Architects noted that there were a handful of other strong partners there who focus on one specific product or portion of Microsoft’s security suite, but they noted that Ascent was the only firm of our size and flexibility well versed in the entire suite. All the other full-suite partners were the typical large consulting firms which specialize in multi-million dollar, multi-year projects.

We are humbled by these continued unique opportunities with Microsoft and look forward to delivering the best customer experience possible leveraging today’s technologies while simultaneously preparing our customers for tomorrow’s threats.