What We Do

We collaborate with your business to develop and implement strategic IT solutions with cybersecurity woven throughout.

Cyber Security

Shifting business priorities and constantly evolving threats mean that a one-size-fits-all approach to cybersecurity is no longer practical — or safe. What works for one company isn’t guaranteed to work for yours. Defending against modern threats requires a risk-based security plan and diligence.

At Ascent Solutions, we employ the skills that many of our cyber architects used to protect our nation to now defend enterprises of all sizes. By taking a cyber warfare approach to your environment, we help you prioritize your resources, defend against the right attack vectors, and successfully combat whichever malicious actors you may face.


From the very beginning, the Ascent Solutions team portrayed the right character to be partners with us. Their commitment to our team and to our business, combined with their knowledge and confidence, gave me the confidence to know we would have a successful long-term partnership


Success Story

Ascent Solutions developed a customized security strategy for a global specialty insurance brand. The goal was to incorporate and optimize the company's significant existing security investments. Our team quickly covered security gaps in their environment. We then increased the overall security maturity by two levels by developing an actionable roadmap. It brought them from POC to production in a safe and accelerated manner.

  • End-2-End Security Strategy Workshops
  • Rapid Risk Assessments
  • Sentinel Proof-of-Concepts
  • Compliance Workshops
  • AD Assessments
  • Zero Trust Workshops
  • Threat Check Workshop
  • Risk-based Security Strategy
  • Enterprise Risk Management Implementation
  • Regulatory and Compliance Readiness Assessments
  • DR/BCP Implementation and Remediation
  • Cy:lent Pursuit (Threat Hunting as a Service)
  • Azure Sentinel Implementation
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response Support
  • Incident and Response Table Top Exercises
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Microsoft EM+S and O365 Security Managed Service
  • FastTrack Ready Partner
  • Microsoft EM+S Implementations
  • Microsoft EM+S – Azure Active Directory
  • Microsoft EM+S - Microsoft Information Protection
  • Microsoft Office 365 DLP Implementation
  • Microsoft EM+S – Intune
  • Microsoft EM+S - Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Microsoft EM+S - Azure Advanced Threat Protection
  • Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection
  • Microsoft O365 Security & Compliance Implementations
  • Microsoft Office 365 - Advanced Threat Protection
  • O365 Advanced Data Governance and Compliance Implementations
  • BeyondTrust PAM Implementations
  • BeyondTrust Managed Service
  • CriticalStart Implementations
  • Quest One Identity Implementations
  • Omada IAM Implementations
  • Microsoft Identity Manager IAM Implementations
  • Domain Controller Upgrades
  • Enhanced Security Administrative Environment Implementation
  • AD Hygiene and Remediation
  • PKI Implementations
  • SecDevOps


There are serious opportunities to differentiate your business through the use of cloud technologies. The possibilities run from straightforward solutions, like a cost-effective cloud backup data center, to advanced cloud capabilities, like Machine Learning.

Our Innovation Service Line will help your company securely leverage the power, speed, and scale of the cloud. Whether your company is just beginning or already deeply invested in the cloud, Ascent is your partner for secure cloud technologies.

  • Azure Governance
  • Azure Readiness
  • Azure Cost Assessment
  • Teams Implementation and Development
  • Get Started Motion - Teams Assessments
  • Dashboard in a Day
  • SQL Server 2008 End of Life
  • Windows Server 2008 End of Life
  • App in a Day
  • SecDevOps
  • PowerApps
  • PowerBI
  • PowerAutomate
  • IaaS Migrations
  • Cloud Economics Evaluation
  • Modern Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Automation
  • O365 - SharePoint Online Implementations
  • O365 - SharePoint Online Implementations

Managed Services

Technology is rapidly evolving, and your IT department is at a crossroads. How do you know where to invest your limited time and resources?

We built Ascent Solutions Managed Services to help you wisely leverage cloud services and get technology in the hands of your users. Our team has the expertise and resources to research, strategize, and manage the fast-moving cloud ecosystem. You’ll be able to focus on the true purpose of technology: making your business better.


We worked with Ascent Solutions to prepare for a large merger. What we liked was that they approached everything they did through a business lens. They met our aggressive timelines with understanding and provided a thorough, intelligent output that enabled us to make the right business decisions. We highly recommend them for their work, professionalism, and the speed to value we received.


Success Story

Ascent Solutions’ Managed Services team worked with Regional Healthcare Provider to provide Microsoft CSP licensing to their partners. Ascent developed and deployed a strategy for migration that allowed migration of users on-to their own tenant without a significant disruption to the End-User while maintaining required security configuration. This involved complex configuration of Infrastructure, Organizational Change Management planning/scheduling/communication, extensive Exchange/AD planning, Security discovery/configuration, white glove support, and ongoing support of Teams/Exchange Online/M365 Licensing.

  • Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider
  • SCCM as a Service
  • Windows as a Service
  • IT Organizational Change Management - Windows as a Service
  • Adoption and Changement Management
  • End Point Management
  • EM+S Implementations
  • BeyondTrust Insight Managed Services
  • BeyondTrust Privileged Password Management
  • BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management
  • BeyondTrust Secure Remote Access
  • Azure Intune MAM/MDM Support and Management
  • Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Management
  • Leostream DaaS Management


Technology evolves at a relentless pace. The speed of change is perhaps only matched by the ever-increasing demand for productivity solutions. Microsoft recognizes this shift and delivers extraordinary capabilities with Microsoft 365 cloud solutions like Office 365, Windows 10, and Microsoft EMS. Ascent Solutions will help you make the most of the available technology with security embedded throughout. You’ll be able to meet and exceed growing expectations from employees, customers, and partners alike.


During my first experience with Ascent Solutions, they provided top-notch service and were able to address my immediate issues. After that, we engaged Ascent on many more proactive projects of a more strategic nature. The Ascent team is now a highly valued partner to us and are a key part to infrastructure projects and strategy for our company.



Our current IT Ops team expects a lot from the partners we work with, making it difficult for any company to live up to their expectations. Through our initial talks, we immediately felt that Ascent Solutions had the talent needed for our O365 migration. But more than that, we quickly found that Ascent’s engineers are bright, and, similar to our team, work as a unit. The Ascent team was always willing to do whatever it took to make the project successful. If you rely equally on employees and consultants like I do, you may have found a lifelong partner in Ascent.


Success Story

Ascent Solutions' Productivity team assisted in identifying solutions for a long-standing technical issue on the first day of an engagement with a Regional Healthcare Provider, building immediate trust and allowing the customer’s resources to focus on other critical business needs.

  • Office 365 Implementations and Migrations
  • Office 365 ProPlus Deployments (Pilots, POCs, Rollouts)
  • Microsoft Teams (Governance, Deployment, Adoption)
  • End Point Management and Security
  • Windows 10 Deployments (Pilots, POCs, Rollouts)
  • Exchange Migrations (End of Life, Exchange Online, Tenant to Tenant)
  • Get Started - Windows Assessments
  • Get Started - Teams Assessments
  • O365 - Exchange Online Implementations
  • O365 – Microsoft Teams Implementations
  • FastTrack Ready Partner
  • Modern Desktop Economic Evaluation
  • Office 2010 EOL
  • SQL Server 2008 EOL
  • Windows Server 2008 EOL
  • IaaS Migrations
  • Quest Metalogix Implementations
  • EM+S - Active Directory
  • Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment
  • System Center Configuration Manager Assessment/Configuration/Co-Mgmt with Intune/Optimization
  • Azure Cost Assessment