Learn what it's like to become a Steward at Ascent Solutions.

Is Ascent Solutions right for you?

At Ascent Solutions, our team members are known as Stewards. Stewards approach every project with an open mind, an open heart, and a desire to do whatever it takes to solve our customers’ problems.

Whether or not you see a specific job listing for your expertise, we are always looking to meet top talent security leaders, Microsoft Teams consultants, O365 consultants, presales architects, project/program managers, solution advisors, and the list goes on. We encourage you to reach out today and see where your experience and expertise could make an impact within our company and on our customer projects.

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Recruiting at Ascent is such a fulfilling experience. The work being done is critical to a customer’s wellbeing, and we feel a true sense of purpose. Everyone we hire is a vital addition to the team; we really hire for your unique and specific expertise.

Your ideas are valued. We need the best and the brightest to continue on this journey of building a firm together!

Shawna Peters, Director of Recruiting

Steward Services Captain

The Steward Services Captain cares for the lives and livelihood of their fellow Stewards. This includes helping Stewards with odd jobs and errands, doing light handyman work in their homes, and helping where needed at the Ascent headquarters.

Paid Time Off

Ascent does not set limits on days available for personal, vacation, or bereavement time. Employees are empowered to look after their wellbeing while remaining mindful of company vitality. Additionally, your spouse or significant other's birthday is an authorized day off for the employee, signaling how important they are to company success

Teladoc Service

Healthiest You is a nationwide Mobile App paid for by Ascent to benefit you and your family's health.

Three months ago, on the recommendation of a lifetime family friend, I joined Ascent Solutions as a project manager. The last 90 days have taught me that a curated culture, rooted in compassion is the ultimate approach to professional services.

Five days a week, I have the privilege to be embedded with intrinsically motivated, intellectually stimulating people who heighten my awareness as a project manager and make me a better person.

Hunter Lang, Project Manager

Are you right for Ascent Solutions?

Our team members are experienced, collaborative, and passionate about doing great work for our clients. If you are looking to become a Steward at Ascent Solutions, then consider the following:

Stewards pride themselves on our culture and take our core values seriously. You have to desire this to be successful here.

Stewards look out for one another, spinning a web of respect and admiration that is stronger than steel and more valuable than gold. You have to exude this to be successful here.

Stewards "growth junkies" who work hard for clients, for each other, and for the company's future.You have to be willing to work hard to be successful here.