Ascent Leadership Team

Our leaders reflect the experience and passion of our team, continuously pushing Ascent to grow and strive for excellence.

As a collaborative team, we know that no one person leads an organization. Our leadership team sets the strategic direction for our work, then collaborates with our Stewards to refine and execute against our vision.

With experience across the public and private sectors, our leadership team provides a holistic approach to service excellence. Their backgrounds and experiences help inform our work, ensuring we effectively serve our customers. The cyber industry takes on the most challenging problems in business, but you won’t find a group of people who are more passionate about effective, comprehensive cybersecurity to keep your company safe.
Image of Will Clevenger
Meet the Steward
Will Clevenger
Sr. Managing Director, Sales
Image of Josh Decker
Meet the Steward
Josh Decker
Sr. Director, Professional Services
Image of Peter Dowd
Meet the Steward
Peter Dowd
Sr. Managing Director, Operations
Image of Jason Floyd
Meet the Steward
Jason Floyd
Sr. Managing Director, CTO Cybersecurity
Image of Howard Friedman
Meet the Steward
Howard Friedman
Sr. Managing Director, Strategy
Image of JD Harris
Meet the Steward
JD Harris
Chairman and CEO
Image of Justin Jones
Meet the Steward
Justin Jones
Chief of Staff
Image of Crystal Nellermoe
Meet the Steward
Crystal Nellermoe
Image of Kari Sanders
Meet the Steward
Kari Sanders
Managing Director, Forge
Image of Sean Stavast
Meet the Steward
Sean Stavast
Sr. Director, Marketing
Image of Chris Turnquist
Meet the Steward
Chris Turnquist
Sr. Managing Director, Strategic Accounts
Image of Inga Weierke
Meet the Steward
Inga Weierke
Director, Human Resources
Image of Jennifer Wilking
Meet the Steward
Jennifer Wilking
Director, M&A Operations, Change and Communication
Image of Tim Zabilla
Meet the Steward
Tim Zabilla
Sr. Managing Director, CTO

Ascent Board Members

Image of Matt Auster
Meet the Steward
Matt Auster
Partner, RunTide Capital
Image of Chuck Auster
Meet the Steward
Chuck Auster
Partner, RunTide Capital
Image of Wendy Garrity
Meet the Steward
Wendy Garrity
Cyber Security & Leadership Consultant
Image of JD Harris
Meet the Steward
JD Harris
Chairman and CEO, Ascent Solutions
Image of Rob Manning
Meet the Steward
Rob Manning
Partner, RunTide Capital
Image of Chris Miller
Meet the Steward
Chris Miller
Technology Advisory Executive, Miller Group LLC
Image of Joel Moryn
Meet the Steward
Joel Moryn
Sr. VP, ArchKey Solutions
Collaborate with Ascent’s leaders to solve your cybersecurity problems.

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