A Full-Service Approach to Cybersecurity Services

Ascent Solutions is a full-service cybersecurity partner specializing in Microsoft technology. The risk-based, threat-focused, and intel-driven approach we take to cybersecurity ensures your company has plans and programs in place to defend against relevant threats.

In an increasingly technological world, cybersecurity is a growing concern. Ascent Solutions can partner with your firm to reduce the risks associated with connectivity, without hindering business progress.

From strategic vision to technology implementation, our Stewards leverage special forces intellect and corporate experience to best serve your needs, regardless of your industry. Our comprehensive services include Security Technology, Enterprise Defense, and Secure Cloud that can be integrated throughout your business.

Security Technology

Our Security Technology services allow you to assess and reduce the risks in ways that best align with your business goals. By scoping our work effectively and selecting products that will meet your business needs, we maximize our impact. Ascent can be a collaborator on your Data Governance, Data Protection, and Unified Endpoint Management efforts.

Enterprise Defense

From identification to response and assessment, Ascent’s Enterprise Defense services can support your business throughout the threat lifecycle. We use Digital Forensics and Incident Response, Threat Hunting, Pen Testing, and Azure Sentinel to monitor and address any level of incident using both manual and automated responses.

Secure Cloud Platform

Modernize your workplace technologies reliably with Ascent’s Secure Cloud Platform. We ensure new technologies are introduced intentionally, securely, and in ways that drive business success. With Identity and Access Management and IaaS/PaaS services, Secure Cloud can support your business with a security-first approach to data migration and protection.

Strategic Cybersecurity Services combine with military tactics for superior service.

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