Cybersecurity Solutions to Modernize Your Business

The acumen of our cybersecurity consultants runs deep. We secure enterprises by combining special forces intellect with a people-first approach. Whether your Zero Trust initiatives need momentum, or you need certification, Ascent can accelerate your efforts.

We help IT teams move beyond technology constraints. Customers can tap into our Advisory and Managed Services alongside any solution to support planning, implementation, and operation.

Maximize Zero Trust Investments

End-to-end security is the goal, but digital risks are relentless and can have widespread negative consequences. No matter where you are in your Zero Trust journey, we analyze progress, prioritize results, and provide the resources for an accelerated, cohesive rollout. Our team’s special forces training focuses on proactive defense against the threats of today and tomorrow.

Bolster Your Security Standing with CMMC 2.0

Every step our customers take toward cybersecurity is beneficial but pursuing Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is one of the most impressive feats. CMMC 2.0 allows companies to bid on high-level contracts such as those with the DoD by meeting their cybersecurity requirements. Partner with Ascent Solutions to guide your steps toward CMMC through a risk-first lens.

Mature your cybersecurity programs.

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