Zero Trust

Many companies have embarked on their Zero Trust journey. Many more are about to. Verifying and securing every identity, validating device health, enforcing least privilege, and analyzing telemetry to secure digital environments comes with inevitable hurdles. Realtime architecture adjustments can become significant bottlenecks, oftentimes halting progress altogether. 

Ascent has experience guiding customers throughout their Zero Trust journey, regardless of their current maturity or individual project progress. Whether your organization needs to lay the initial groundwork for a Zero Trust architectural strategy or needs help accelerating projects that are already in motion, our team has the experience and technical excellence to drive the change you need.

Accelerate Your Zero Trust Journey

Our Zero Trust Launchpad offer provides the perspective and input needed to accelerate your in-flight projects and achieve quick wins. Our rapid assessment analyzes your current project state against Zero Trust tenets, capability gaps, and estimates the level of effort to push existing projects over the line. We deliver a rationalized project portfolio and a prioritized sequence for next steps in as little as three weeks.

Remove the roadblocks in your Zero Trust journey

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