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Ascent Launches Center for Cybersecurity Excellence in Coppell, TX

05.25.22 | By Cassi Swearingen

MINNEAPOLIS, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cybersecurity services firm Ascent Solutions revealed the location of their global center for cybersecurity excellence. The initial 33,000-square-foot space, spanning the entire seventh floor of the newest building in the Cypress Waters complex (2999 Olympus Blvd, Coppell, TX), will serve as the core of Ascent’s cybersecurity campus.

Ascent CEO, JD Harris, chose Cypress Waters to be the premier location, driving industry-recognized thought leadership, modernized cybersecurity operations, and a revolutionary model for cybersecurity education.

“Choosing Cypress Waters was a defining moment for Ascent,” Harris said. “Our firm has a clear goal to save the world from cybercrime. We want the Dallas-Fort Worth area to become synonymous with cybersecurity education, thought leadership, and cyber operations. We have definitive plans to achieve that vision, and Cypress Waters is the obvious location for us to use as our launch pad. I continue to be impressed with the vision of the leaders at Cypress Waters and in Texas. We couldn’t be more excited to contribute to the area’s economic growth and inevitable prominence in the cybersecurity industry.”

Texas currently leads the United States in vacant cybersecurity roles with 67,439 open positions according to CyberSeek. In direct response to the ever-widening cyber skills gap, and as part of a much bigger vision, Ascent’s best-in-class apprentice program will scale to a national level, beginning with new candidates recruited from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The apprentice program differentiates itself by extending far beyond individuals with deep technical backgrounds. This novel model lowers the barriers to entry and creates opportunities for people who are not satisfied with their current career. To date, the Ascent’s cyber apprentice program has trained cyber professionals with a variety of backgrounds including medical management, manufacturing, law enforcement, music production, and the military.

Ascent’s Cypress Waters campus will also utilize a first-of-its-kind design optimized for discreet, modern security operations while simultaneously functioning as an education center for apprentices and the cybersecurity industry at large. The space will house secure areas designated for cyber investigation, automation, and intelligence. In addition, a stadium-seated auditorium will host seminars and innovation workshops with the nation’s foremost cybersecurity thought leaders, developing solutions for the most pressing cybersecurity problems.

Ascent anticipates a celebratory ribbon cutting ceremony at Cypress Waters in early 2023.

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