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01.02.23 | By Ascent
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Five Cybersecurity Trends for 2023

Ready to see the future? 2023 is here, complete with economic stress, fresh technology enhancements, and resolutions for stronger cybersecurity postures. Jason Floyd, Ascent CIO, outlines 5 trends he predicts will shape cybersecurity in 2023. He explores:

  • API vendor technology as a security risk
  • Balance between UX-focused developers and security practitioners
  • Security teams reacting to cloud strategy shifts
  • The impact of the recession on technology resources
  • Zero Trust’s identification of key security fundamentals

Interested in learning more? Download our white paper to read the in-depth predictions.

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Whether you’re starting your cybersecurity journey or you’re improving your security posture, our team is passionate about protecting your people and business.
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