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Make Endpoint Security Simple: Why We Choose Microsoft Every Time

07.11.23 | By Ascent

We’re passionate about Microsoft’s security suite. So passionate we received Microsoft’s Partner of the Year for 2023. Customers regularly ask us “Why Microsoft? Why Microsoft security? Isn’t it more expensive? Does Microsoft truly secure my organization?”

The leaps and bounds Microsoft’s security suite took just in the last three years give us the confidence to say yes every time we receive that last question. The why takes more explaining. Read on for a detailed guide.

You own your own data.

It’s not being used to enrich threat detection capabilities. It’s yours, and we want to keep it that way.

Did you know endpoint providers (and data ingestion systems) use your company data to enrich its own capabilities? Similar to ChatGPT, endpoint providers need input to refine and manage output. But unlike most endpoint providers, Microsoft’s business model allows for high data fidelity.

Better threat detection without compromise.

It’s your data. If and when your firm decides to step away from Microsoft’s Security suite, you can take your data and walk away instead of an uncomfortable “I think I left my sweatshirt at your apartment” break up.

So how does Microsoft enrich their threat detection capabilities? you might ask. Through custom integration, an intense R&D process, incubation teams, and partner-customer relationships.

You’re using the best in the business.

Microsoft’s Defender for Endpoint is at the top of Gartner’s Endpoint Magic Quadrant. We want only the best for our customers.

Gartner places Microsoft’s Defender for Endpoints at the top right of their Endpoint Management Magic Quadrant. That’s not just a vanity metric: Gartner studies cross-industry technologies and rates them according to capability. Microsoft is a modern endpoint leader far and above other technologies marketed to solve similar problems.

Gartner’s Peer Insights for MDE give a comprehensive picture, but the biggest drawback for most customers is the breadth of information, not a deficiency. A unified approach to endpoint security allows Microsoft Intune to streamline the data flood for peak efficiency.

Defender for Endpoints increases productivity.

Endpoint modernization secures and automates the entire lifecycle for your firm’s ever-increasing identities and devices. A unified approach from mobile device management to muti-factor authentication assures admins control all access to the network. It’s easier for your employees do their jobs, and it’s easier for IT to simplify theirs.

You’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Microsoft’s Defender for Endpoints lowers TCO. We believe using what you have simplifies security for our customers.

Forester did a Total Economic Impact study on MDE, identifying millions in savings even after risk reduction. IT productivity increased the most from endpoint modernization, eliminating over 16 million in excess costs in three years.

Consolidate = Secure + Save

Instead of using multiple platforms to manage segments of the endpoint lifecycle, Microsoft consolidates the administrative burden to one interface. But MDE doesn’t just work for Windows. Our consultants have used MDE to provision hundreds of Mac and iOS, Linux, Dell, Android, and other devices.

Want the breadth but not the cost? While it might seem like Microsoft is more expensive up front, the stats show consolidation reduces software costs over time.

Make security simple.

Modernizing your endpoint strategy shouldn’t feel daunting. We believe the best security is the simplest. And we can help you get there. We’ve been recognized by Microsoft for our work with cross-industry customers. Reach out to us at for cybersecurity support.


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