Cover Image for Threat Analysis to Modernize Your SOC Strategy

Threat Analysis to Modernize Your SOC Strategy

11.07.22 | By Ascent
Threat Analysis to Modernize Your SOC Strategy

Too often companies focus their cybersecurity strategy on theoretical threats rather than gathering the intelligence necessary to create a strategy that is tailored to them.

 In this eBook, you’ll learn how an organization can:

  • Quickly assess specific coverage and gaps
  • Better leverage their Microsoft Security technology to reduce alert fatigue
  • Provide leadership with confidence by staying ahead of threats relevant to their business

A right-sized partner with deep experience in the public sector, private sector, Big 4 consulting, and Microsoft Security technology can help bring focus to your realistic threat landscape, and fill gaps where your organization may lack resources or experience internally.

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Whether you’re starting your cybersecurity journey or you’re improving your security posture, our team is passionate about protecting your people and business.
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