What We Do

We collaborate with your business to develop and implement strategic IT solutions with cybersecurity woven throughout.

Cyber Security

Emerging technologies and constantly evolving threats mean that a one-size-fits- all approach to cybersecurity is no longer practical — or safe. What works for one company isn’t guaranteed to work for yours. Defending against modern threats requires a risk-based, threat-driven security plan.

By leveraging the same skills our cyber security consultants used to protect our nation, we help you prioritize your resources, defend against the right attack vectors, and successfully combat whichever malicious actors your enterprise may face.


From the very beginning, the Ascent Solutions team portrayed the right character to be partners with us. Their commitment to our team and to our business, combined with their knowledge and confidence, gave me the confidence to know we would have a successful long-term partnership


Success Story

Ascent Solutions developed a customized security strategy for a global specialty insurance brand. The goal was to incorporate and optimize the company’s significant existing security investments. Our team quickly covered security gaps in their environment. We then increased the overall security maturity by two levels by developing an actionable roadmap. It brought them from POC to production in a safe and accelerated manner.

  • Advisory
  • Cybersecurity Strategy
  • V-CISO
  • Enterprise Defense Services
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response
  • Cyber Team 6
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Threat Hunting
  • Penetration Testing
  • Red Team, Blue Team, and Purple Team
  • Azure Sentinel
  • Security Technology Services
  • Identity Security
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Data Protection


We believe that technology does not simply exist for technology’s sake. At Ascent, we believe that the most impactful solutions take shape at the intersection of people, business, and technology. Our consulting services provide you with a unified vision that ensures your technology choices are the best for your organization and your business problems.


During my first experience with Ascent Solutions, they provided top-notch service and were able to address my immediate issues. After that, we engaged Ascent on many more proactive projects of a more strategic nature. The Ascent team is now a highly valued partner to us and are a key part to infrastructure projects and strategy for our company.



Our current IT Ops team expects a lot from the partners we work with, making it difficult for any company to live up to their expectations. Through our initial talks, we immediately felt that Ascent Solutions had the talent needed for our O365 migration. But more than that, we quickly found that Ascent’s engineers are bright, and, similar to our team, work as a unit. The Ascent team was always willing to do whatever it took to make the project successful. If you rely equally on employees and consultants like I do, you may have found a lifelong partner in Ascent.


Success Story

Ascent Solutions' Productivity team assisted in identifying solutions for a long-standing technical issue on the first day of an engagement with a Regional Healthcare Provider, building immediate trust and allowing the customer’s resources to focus on other critical business needs.

  • Advisory
  • Technology Strategy
  • Adoption & Change Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Delivery Excellence
  • Project and Program Management
  • Collaborative Enterprise
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams Enablement and Configuration
  • SharePoint Migration and Configuration
  • Azure Enablement and Migration
  • Exchange Online Enablement and Migration
  • PowerApps
  • Power Automate
  • Merger, Divestiture and Acquisition Migration and Enablement
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Microsoft Healthcare Cloud
  • Virtual Rounding
  • Telemedicine
  • Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources
  • Patient Engagement
  • Care Team Enablement
  • Clinical Ops and Analysis


As your technology environment grows so do the demands on internal resources. Ascent’s Managed Services program was constructed to relieve the pressure on your team and give you back the valuable time needed to focus on your next business- critical project. We provide you with the strategy, operational excellence, and world-class security that your digital products deserve.


We worked with Ascent Solutions to prepare for a large merger. What we liked was that they approached everything they did through a business lens. They met our aggressive timelines with understanding and provided a thorough, intelligent output that enabled us to make the right business decisions. We highly recommend them for their work, professionalism, and the speed to value we received.


Success Story

Ascent Solutions’ Managed Services team worked with Regional Healthcare Provider to provide Microsoft CSP licensing to their partners. Ascent developed and deployed a strategy for migration that allowed migration of users on-to their own tenant without a significant disruption to the End-User while maintaining required security configuration. This involved complex configuration of Infrastructure, Organizational Change Management planning/scheduling/communication, extensive Exchange/AD planning, Security discovery/configuration, white glove support, and ongoing support of Teams/Exchange Online/M365 Licensing.

  • Advisory
  • Configuration Review
  • Implementation Best Practices
  • New Feature Recommendation
  • Adoption and Change Management
  • Assessments
  • Operation
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft EMS
  • Microsoft Industry Solutions
  • Security
  • Managed Security Operations Center
  • Managed Incident Response
  • Risk Assessments
  • Threat Hunting