Technology Advisory for Secure Cloud Migration

Make Informed Decisions at Every Stage of Your Cloud Journey

Cybersecurity initiatives are successful when the technology, people, and processes involved are understood holistically. Our Prosci-certified Advisory Services team of change practitioners bring a risk-first lens to cloud projects. Having worked with large enterprises on their cloud initiatives, we can guide customers the process shifts needed for successful technology adoption, no matter the scale.

Secure Hybrid Cloud

A secure cloud strategy is paramount in every organization today. Ascent helps build the business case for secure cloud migrations and multi-cloud management. Our Advisory Services team focuses on security, business drivers, and your people to accelerate adoption.

Put security first while moving to a cloud solution that’s right for your organization.

Grow Your Knowledge

Architecting A Secure Hybrid Cloud Using Azure and Microsoft 365
Most organizations maintain both on-premises and cloud infrastructures. In many ways, hybrid cloud architectures maintain the best of both worlds. However, recent cloud outages have raised concern with organizations that are operating cloud-only.