Security Technology

Data Governance

Build policies and controls within your business to ensure data is managed with integrity and security. Our collaborative approach to Data Governance encourages employee inclusion in the planning and execution so no one is left out on decisions affecting their productivity.

Data Protection

Access to data does not inherently mean data should be accessed. Ascent’s experienced team can recommend what data to share and how to share it. Our Data Protection systems and policies help each business securely monitor and manage data access and utilization without hindering day-to-day workflow.

Unified Endpoint Management

Take control of your company’s devices with Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). In an increasingly hybrid world, IT teams need to manage the devices employees use to access company data, no matter where they are. Ascent can help your business strike a balance between security and usability to meet device management requirements.

Secure your data and devices to minimize risks and mitigate threats with Security Technology.

Grow Your Knowledge

Returning to the Office: Security Threats and Proactive Solutions
A year after the pandemic began, employers are now considering how to welcome their employees back to the office. Ascent cybersecurity leaders, Derek Swenningsen and Kayne McGladrey discuss the challenges and threats that are emerging in the modern workplace.